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How Is It Possible To Earn Money Online?

It’s not rocket science to make money from the internet. All you have to do is become dedicated, have a bit of skill (or learn one if you don’t have a skill set that could be monetized), and then follow some sound advice.

What you do is, you trade your time for money. If someone needs some tasks to be done and you could carry that out, they pay you for doing it. It’s simple economics at work here.

Caution: Beware Of Earn Money Online Traps –

Since online you don’t see the other person or can’t even verify the identity, you are more susceptible to being fooled. I can’t list all companies that I am suspicious about nor is it possible for anyone. What you should be doing is apply due diligence while taking up a job online to earn money. If something sounds too good to be true, then it probably is.

Stay away from promises that offer you a lot of money for very little work. No one in his or her right mind will give you money that easily. If someone is going to pay you, they will see to it that they get the maximum worth for their cash.

Some Popular Methods To Earn Serious Cash Online For Indians –

Idea #1, Content Writing: When you are trying to make money by writing content, you write articles based on a keyword. You will be paid anywhere between 50 cents to two dollars per 100 words you write. The standard for non-native writers is one to two dollars per 100 words.  When you are starting out, you’ll probably have to work for lower rates.

Idea #2, Virtual Assistant: Since the rate of pay is low for Indians compared to US or UK people, many foreigners would like to hire Indians to be their virtual assistants for an hourly or monthly fee. You may be given tasks such as transferring files, uploading images, finding information on the internet, writing articles, creating accounts and so on. Make sure you fully understand the scope of work before you accept the offer.

Idea #3, Consulting: Do you have a skill that could be sold as a consulting service? Maybe you are good with marketing. Other times you can provide stock market advice or financial planning that could fetch you decent amount of money. I do SEO consulting and made most of the money that way.

Idea #4, Web Designing & Development: Are you good at Photoshop? Can you make logos and banners? Can you set up HTML websites and work with PHP Content Management Systems such as WordPress? If so, you have a skill that is in high demand online. You can either charge per hour (Standard rates are ten dollars an hour), or charge per project.

Idea #5, Information Publishing: You set up a blog and continue writing articles. Once you start getting visitors to your website, you could sell advertisements on your website or make money via advertisement platforms like Google’s AdSense.

These ideas are only a guideline and an icing on the cake compared to the opportunities out there. There are other methods too, which can make you a bit of money. However, I recommend staying away from them because either most of them don’t pay or you have to work so hard that working as a waiter for a day in a hotel would be far more profitable than doing such online work.

Preferable Skill Set For Making Money Online

  1. Web designing/development
  2. Ability to write and speak good English
  3. Focused and self-motivated
  4. Willingness to learn, adapt to changing situations and work on deadlines
  5. SEO

Earn Money Online Opportunities That You Should Stay Away From –

  1. Pay per click jobs that offer you small amount of money per click. Some fake sites even offer hundreds of dollars per clicks. But as you guessed right, they are fake and will never pay
  2. Pay to read emails/SMS/complete surveys. Don’t bother with these. They won’t either pay or you will reach payout only by the time you reach heaven
  3. Data entry jobs for Indians. I don’t have experience with such jobs, but people who have done these kind of jobs say that they never pay
  4. Any kind of online job that requires you to pay money to them to get work (Total scam. No legit company will do this no matter how convincing their reasons maybe)
  5. Anything else that makes you wonder whether it’s really true

On Overcoming The Experience Barrier –

You must have heard the saying No work without experience. No experience without work. It’s a catch 22 situation and applies to online jobs as well.

Most of us try to take up freelance work in domains where we have some experience in. Still lot of people can try out completely different niches as well. Say a programmer can take to writing gigs. A writer may take up web designing projects.

The problem arises when the clients asks for references. If you don’t have any work experience, chances of you getting the gig is less. So, how do you ensure that you prove to the employer that it’s worth handing over the project to you?

Here are some ways you can do it:

  1. Do pro bono work. Rack up some testimonials from clients about your work. Even though you might not get paid for the initial one or two projects, the testimonials and reference would greatly help you land future projects.
  2. Create something that you can show to your clients. Do you want a web design project? Create a website and add it to your portfolio. Do you need writing gigs? Publish your articles on article directories like ezinearticles.

On Faking Experience –

Sadly, many people fake experience and skills. This especially happens in the SEO industry. Everyone online seems to be an SEO expert. You’d find people who have never done SEO for themselves providing consulting services.

When I was interviewing for a SEO related position in the startup I currently work, I came across many people who were employed for over a year in various SEO companies in India, and they didn’t even know the basics of SEO; so much for all the SEO companies out there!

My humble advice for anyone who plans for fake experience and knowledge- you may be able to pull it off for a few projects. However, it won’t last! Don’t try to learn things at the expense of your client. They are paying you hoping you are an expert in what you claim to do.

Requirements To Receive Money For Indians From Online Jobs

It’s not just enough that you earn money for jobs. You need to be able to receive them to make use of it. Sadly, Indians have many restrictions when it comes to sending and receiving money.

  1. You will need a bank account where you will receive the money.
  2. Get a PayPal account. Most online job sites and people who contract you prefer to pay via PayPal. It’s free and you need to provide a valid PAN number in order to withdraw money to your bank account.

Make it as easy as possible for the client to pay you. If you are introducing roadblocks, then expect the client to go with a local provider just because it’s easier to use them even though they might be costlier (been there, done that).


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