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Every thought you have creates its own reality, you know? it’s like every choice or decision you make, the thing you choose not to do, fractions off & becomes its own reality, & it just goes on from there, forever. it’s like, you know in the wizard of oz where dorothy meets the scarecrow & they do that little dance at the crossroads & they think about going in all those directions & they end up going in that one direction? all those other directions, just because they thought about them, became separate realities. i mean, they just went on from there & lived the rest of their life.. you know, entirely different movies, but we’ll never see it because we’re kind of trapped in this one reality restriction type of thing. another example would be like back there at the bus station. as i got off the bus, the thought crossed my mind, just for a second, about not taking a cab at all but maybe walking or bumming a ride – something like that… just because that thought crossed my mind, there now exists, at this very second, a whole other reality where i’m at the bus station & you’re probably giving someone else a ride. & that reality thinks of itself as the only reality. at this very second, i’m back at the bus station, just hanging out, probably thumbing through a paper. i’m probably going up to a pay phone… say this beautiful woman just comes up to me, just starts talking to me. she ends up offering me a ride.. we’re hitting it off, go play a little pinball, we go back to her apartment.. i move in with her. see, so say i have a dream some night that i’m with some strange woman i’ve never met, or i’m living at some place i’ve never seen before… that’s just a momentary glimpse into this other reality that was all created back at the bus station. & then i could have a dream from that reality into this one, that like this is my dream from that reality… the whole cycle type of thing.


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